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We are currently hiring associates to work in our physical stores: Amazon Fresh grocery stores and Amazon Go. 

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Amazon Fresh: Amazon Fresh is a new grocery store, designed from the ground up to offer a seamless shopping experience, whether customers are shopping in-store or online. 

As an Amazon Fresh associate, your daily tasks will vary based on store and/or department needs. Some of your responsibilities may include:

Customer Service and Engagement

  • Greet and welcome customers to the store
  • Ask customers about their shopping needs, provide recommendations, and offer samplings
  • Stay updated on store products, promotions, and pricing to assist customers with questions
  • Use cash register to ring up customer transactions and assist customers in self-service checkout lanes
  • Receive and process in-store and Amazon.com returns
  • Educate customers on the benefits and use of Amazon’s in-store shopping technology
  • Retrieve shopping carts from parking lot and ensure cart storage areas are neatly arranged
  • Stock shelves and maintain a cleanly sales floor

Inventory and Stockroom Support

  • Receive and unload product from delivery trucks
  • Sort, scan, and verify deliveries
  • Inspect product for quality and freshness
  • Separate product for sales floor, cooler, and backroom prep areas
  • Break down boxes or pallets and transport to storage area
  • Operate equipment such as pallet jacks, carts, and dollies to transport and arrange product

Food Preparation and Produce Handling

  • Prepare ready-to-eat meals and food items including cold salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and rotisserie chickens
  • Use equipment such as scales, oven, microwave, and cutting tools
  • Weigh, label, date, and package food items in accordance with Amazon Fresh standards
  • Engage with customers at the deli counter, offer recommendations and samplings, and provide information to help them make product-related decisions
  • Ensure produce is available by stocking fruit and vegetable displays, checking quality, rotating product

Online Grocery Order Fulfillment

  • Navigate store aisles to shop and pick produce, meats, and other products to fulfill customer online grocery orders
  • Inspect items for freshness and quality
  • Verify order accuracy and offer recommendations for modifications if requested products are unavailable
  • Package picked items and stage them for delivery or pickup
  • Engage with customers and provide friendly service when they collect their order or during delivery to their vehicle

Amazon Go: Amazon Go is a new take on convenience stores, with no lines and no checkout—you just grab and go! With our Just Walk Out Shopping experience, customers simply use the Amazon app to enter the store, take what they want from our selection of delicious ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, and snack options, and go!

As an Amazon Go Retail Associate, your workday may include the following tasks: 

Customer Service and Engagement

  • Greet and welcome customers to the store
  • Answer customer questions and offer product recommendations
  • Educate customers on the benefits and use of Amazon’s in-store shopping technology
  • Receive, process, and stow Amazon.com returns

Inventory Management

  • Receive, stock, and replenish product
  • Use inventory management systems to scan, process, and count product
  • Maintain a well-stocked, organized, and cleanly store environment

Food Handling and Preparation (at select locations)

  • Prepare, package, and label food items such as burritos, sandwiches, salads, and wraps; please note this may include meat and alcohol handling
  • Use and clean equipment including cutting tools, microwaves, mixers, and scales
  • Adhere to Amazon safety and quality guidelines
  • Obtain local food handling certification, if required